Supporter Speak

Thomas Anderson

I Thomas Anderson a native of Scotland (Part of the United Kingdom), and on an assignment here in India with Multi National Company (GE/Alstom power).

This is my 1st ever visit to India.

While I have been here in India I have witnessed that a great deal of the Indian people are having to face a great deal of hardships in their lives.

I pass by numerous makeshift tented camps on my way back & forward to my work every day & I see families having to live in squalor, No electricity, water & no proper roof over their heads for shelter.

I find it difficult to understand how some of the Indian population are having to live in these conditions as I am led to believe that India has one of the fastest growing economies in the world. But I am no politician, all I know is that I believe I am very fortunate to have been born & brought up in a country where 99.9 of the population have a roof over their head and have free medical care & education available to everyone of the population.

I have worked in quite a few counties in the world and I have seen poverty especially in Africa and to witness this poverty makes me sad.

I especially feel for the children as far as I can see they don’t appear to have much of a future.

I pray that conditions will improve for these poor people in the near future.

As I pass these camps every day I ask myself is there anyway how I could help. When at my worksite I was speaking to a work colleague of mine, Mr Ajay  Kumar who informed me that he was a member of the Jeevan Ki Asha foundation. Mr Kumar explained to me how the foundation was trying to help members of the community who weren’t in such a fortunate position in life as most of us. He showed me photographs & newspaper cuttings of some of the great work that the foundation does.

I would like to congratulate Mr Kumar & all the members of the Jeevan Ki Asha foundation for the fantastic work that they do & for inviting me to be a member of their organisation.

Edward Austin Carty

My name is Edward Austin Carty I am citizen of Ireland and British Subject and I am on assignment in India for GE/ Alstom LTD.

On one of these project in Rajasthan state of India, In district Shri Ganga Nagar on the construction of 2×660 MW Supercritical  Coal fired Boiler as the Chief Construction Advisor  .

The Site is located at Suratgarh from 1 hour travel distance my Residence in Suratgarh.

On the way to the site and on the site itself I have witnessed a great deal of the Indian people have to face a great deal of Hardships within their lives. On the Site itself, all I can see a numerous number of makeshift tented camps with families having to live in Squalor with No water, Electricity and No proper roofs over their heads for shelter.

I especially feel for the children as they are on site living with their families as I cannot see that they don’t have much of a future in front of them. But I hope that I am wrong and the conditions will get better for the poor people and their children in the future. I strongly believe that every child have the right for education and it is our moral responsibility that if we have it within us to help someone we should not hesitate in doing so.

A few months ago my colleague Mr Ajay Kumar who works along with me at the site asked if I could contribute to one of the Young 24 years old  lady had lost her Husband in road accident and with that she had carry the extra responsibility of two young children.

I said yes of Course and then informed he informed me that he was a member of the Jeevan Ki Asha Foundation and had explained to me how the foundation was trying to help the Family, who had met with the tragic loss.

I would like to say a Big Thank you to Mr. Kumar and all the member of the Jeevan Ki Asha Foundation for all the Noble Work that they are doing to help members of the community those who are suffering from hard times of life.

I would like to give thanks again to Mr. Kumar for inviting me to join the Jeevan Ki Asha Foundation and I do feel very privileged to become part of this social work and organization.

Thanks With Regards

Shivnesh Kumar

My name is Shivnesh Kumar. I am from Noida and a 2nd year student in Computer Science Engineering at the Galgotia University, Noida. I like listening to music, singing, dancing and social work. Once a while, I might like to read a book. I am very close to my family, and I enjoy travelling and watching movies with them. I am always inspiring from Dr BR Ambedkar towards work for the society and looking for a platform for doing some contribution towards society welfare in my sphere time for education. I found out about Jeevan Ki Asha Foundation after my 1st year during the summer break, and I decided to give it a shot.

I worked two months for the project of Jeevan Ki Asha Foundation computer Literacy program to underprivilege children    at educational development center Kuchesar Fort-2 Bulandshahr UP and really, I feel great to work for underprivilege children’s and this organization working excellent for weaker section community welfare in the education area.

Aayushi Gupta

I strongly believe in equal opportunity for all and I feel there is no better tool than education to bring equality. Education not only makes us aware of our rights thus preventing us from exploitation but also provides us the opportunity to fulfill our dreams and live a life of dignity.

I was blessed to get the right education and support and that helped me become independent. But millions in our country do not get even the basic education and thus never get out of the vicious circle of poverty and suffer throughout their lives. When I visited primary schools in villages of Uttar Pradesh with ‘Jeevan Ki Asha (JKA)’ I truly realized the condition of education for the underprivileged in India. JKA is doing a wonderful job by auditing these schools and trying to bring a change by suggesting to the authorities what can be done to make things better. I feel great to be a part of this noble cause and would encourage everyone to contribute to JKA.

Sayed Tashkil Islam

I am proud to be a volunteer for a life-changing organization like Jeevan Ki Asha Foundation. Truly, charity changes not just the lives of the people on the receiving end, but also the lives of the people on the giving end. The following quote from Mahatma Gandhi perfectly sums up how I feel about charity: “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

Almost half of the world’s population lives in poverty. Perhaps unsurprisingly, around half of this number are children.

Improving the lives of hundreds of thousands of children in India, Jeevan Ki Asha Foundation undoubtedly helps me to help people. The number of people living in poverty across the globe has reduced in the past decades, and I am optimistic that with a collectively increased effort, the number will continue to drop.

Being privileged, I feel that it is my duty to help the unfortunate who have been left behind in this world. Each time, donating motivates me to donate more. In my opinion, the problems of education, child marriages, hunger and health are salient. Solving these problems engenders equality; and an equal world is what I strive for. Jeevan Ki Asha Foundation helps me do this. Jeevan Ki Asha Foundation believes in giving children their rights. I want to change the life of 1 child at a time; 1 problem at a time; 1 region at a time.

Sartaj Husain

My dream for children is not only food, clothing & shelter but they should get proper education, guidance & love from all. Children should be given proper time & nourishment to develop. I see a different world where people from all walks of life, people from different locations come & work together for a better tomorrow. The world should be free from competition & there should not be a mad race for money. There should be dignity of labor. Everyone should be treated equally irrespective of the work he does. Everyone should get equal chance, should have freedom of speech to express himself.

Changing the lives of children is a continuous process. Nothing can be done in a limited period. As individuals we must continue to give support by way of financial help, time as well as other resources. I believe in continuity and devotion without deviation. Jeevan Ki Asha Foundation is doing excellent noble work for uplift the society.

Subhash Chand

Putting children first is about ensuring a healthy future for our nation. No country can hope to progress and become truly civilized unless its young have access to food, shelter, clothing, education and a life full of promise; a life that allows them to explore their immense potential. Jeevan Ki Asha Foundation has been doing exemplary work to transform the lives of children in India. Though the task is immense and the future uncertain, the organization has been continuing with its efforts to change young lives for the better… and possibly ensure that India will one day become a more hospitable place for its children, and consequently a more evolved society.

Ashok Kumar Gautam


National Cooperative Development Corporation,

(A Statutory Corporation under Ministry of Agriculture & FW), New Delhi

Ashok Kumar Gautam

I strongly recommend the people to join and support ‘JEEVAN KI ASHA FOUNDATION’ for revolutionary changes in the society for empowerment of weaker section and other marginalized society in area of Education, Health, Livelihood, Environment Protection and protection of their Human Rights.

It is great honor for me being part of ‘Jeevan Ki Asha Foundation’ as Career Counselor and motivational speaker. I have participated in many programmed organized by ‘Jeevan Ki Asha Foundation’ in various Schools, Colleges and community-oriented leadership programmed. I feel that such programs are very useful and result oriented for the young students of rural areas benefiting them Career Counseling, guidance, community development, Education awareness etc.

I personally believe that our small help and support to needy people can bring remarkable positive changes in their lives. By this way we are taking an important social responsibility to help them to become good citizen of the country.

As Dr. Ambedkar has said ‘ An ideal society, should be mobile and full of channels of conveying a change taking place in one part to another parts. In an ideal society, there should be interest, Consciously communicated and shared.

As I have closely observed activities being undertaken by ‘Jeevan Ki Asha Foundation’ are excellent for the noble cause of humanity.

All the best.